HS Hardener D220

HS Härter
HS Hardener D220 is used for curing of acrylic coatings. 
Pack: 2,5L; 0,5L; 0,25L.
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HS Hardener Fast D222

HS Härter rapid
HS Hardener Fast D222 is used for curing of acrylic primers. Allows to cure acrylic primers faster than D220 or it could be used when the ambient temperature is lower than20°C. Caution! Do not use HS Hardener fast D222 with the clear coats! 
Pack: 0,875L; 0,25L; 0,2L.
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Uni Thinner D110

Uni Verdünnung
Uni Thinner D110 is used for dilution of solventborne acrylic coatings.
Pack: 5L; 1L.
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Fade-out thinner D112 

Übergang verdünnung
Fade-out thinner D112 is a special mix of solvents made for hiding the edge-markings of the repaired surface in the places where the new topcoat overlaps the old. Fade-out thinner D112 is a ready-to-use product, but also could be applied in a mix with the used topcoat (clear coat or 2K paint).
Pack: 0,5L.
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Blender D117

Blender D117 is a specially designed for spot repairs. Blender D117 helps to attein the proper orientation of the effect pigments and thus decreases the color differences between original and the new coating.
Pack: 0,5L.
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Elastic additive D101

Elastic additive D101 serves as an elasticity improver for ground and clear coatings when applied on plastics.
Color: transparent Pack: 0,5L.
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Silicone remover D123

Silicone remover D123 is used to remove impurities from the surface of car body parts. 
Color: transparent Pack: 5L; 1L.
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Test cards D010

Test cards D010 are specially developed for assesment of the color. To determine the proper color of the ground layer Test cards have 3 different backgrounds. 
Pack: 50 sheets. Size: 155х72 mm.
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